TodoLiteratura interviews the Argentinean writer Maximiliano J. Benítez

Maximiliano J. Benítez was born in Buenos Aires in 1976 and has resided in Madrid since the mid nineties. He carried out diverse studies in the field of literature (Centro Cultural Rojas. Buenos Aires), ..

plastic arts (Garaycochea School), and music (Sindicato Argentino de Músicia). For four years he was one of the managers of an art space on the network: La emboscada de los niños-búho ("The ambush of the owl-children"); in which, in addition to broadcasting their work, they offered space and visibility to plastic artists, writers and musicians from all over the world.

He currently manages a personal blog: and also collaborates with the digital magazine He has published two autobiographical novels: Las tinieblas del pensamiento ("The darkness of thought") (first and second part) and Un hombre de otro tiempo ("A man from another time") (Camelot Editions, 2018).

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