Interview with Carolina Molina: “We will never really know how much Galdós contributed to Spanish literature.”

Carolina Molina has published the historical novel Los ojos de Galdós just in time for the 100th anniversary of the death of Don Benito Pérez Galdós.

The Madrid author is passionate about the history of Granada and Madrid, and she has dedicated several books to both cities. On this occasion, she has combined her passion for those cities with her strong feelings for the author from the Canary Islands to create a novel about the last years of Galdós’ life.

Los ojos de Galdós is about the writer of Fortunata y Jacinta, told through the eyes of his imagined caretaker during the last years of his life. Carmela Cid is a fictional character that had already made an appearance in some of Carolina Molina’s other novels.

With the accuracy that she exemplifies, her literary sense and a very precise plot, the author achieves to deliver a great historical novel that we hope will serve to appreciate the many merits the writer achieved while he was alive. In the interview, Carolina reveals some secrets from her spectacular novel.

Read the interview here: TodoLiteratura

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