The 'booktuber' phenomenon: book influencers.

They are the most effective recommenders increasingly referenced by publishers for young readers.

A room full of books, with (Billy model) Ikea bookcases and dolls scattered around the shelves. In that little nook, where they have spent so many hours reading, they record a video showing just that: what they have read, what they think of 1984, Harry Potter, or Ready Player One. And the room becomes a public showcase. It's not about video games or fashion: it's about literature and it's called BookTube, the community of Youtubers specializing in books, with thousands of teenage and young followers.

It’s almost like a virtual reading club—interaction with users is very important—in which the Booktuber becomes a literature recommender. They shun the concept of criticism. They simply recommend what they liked, as if they were talking to a friend. And publishers have snapped them up them for their promotional campaigns.

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