The historian Xosé Manuel Núñez Seixas, National Essay Prize

For outlining a history of Spanish nationalism in its many currents in “Suspiros de España (Sighs of Spain). Spanish Nationalism 1808-2018”.

The professor and writer Xosé Manuel Núñez Seixas (1966) was awarded this Tuesday with the 2019 National Essay Prize for his work “Sighs of Spain. Spanish Nationalism 1808-2018”, in which, according to the jury, highlights "the efforts in synthesis and expository clarity" and its rigor.

The jury of the prize, endowed with 20,000 euros and awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, valued the piece of work "for outlining a history of Spanish nationalism in its various currents and manifestations throughout the contemporary age" and highlights that "it is supported by a dense research trajectory and stands out for its efforts in synthesis and expository clarity."

Núñez Seixas has expressed his satisfaction over receiving this award for a work that, as he indicated, is an informative essay aimed at a broad audience which stands for the nationalism of the State, "something that is not shared throughout the entire world", a concept that "is neither right or left," he said in statements to EFE.

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