The Instituto Cervantes brings presentation of their yearbook to the USA.

King Felipe asks for “everyone’s effort and commitment” in order to strengthen the legacy of the Pan-Hispanic culture.

The Instituto Cervantes wants to continue bolstering the use of the Spanish language in the United States. As announced yesterday by the director of the institution, Luis García Moreno, the traditional presentation of the yearbook, “El Español,” to the world, will take place in the United States on October 11th, in New York City.  Next it will be presented in Los Angeles, where a new Cervantes center will open soon. 

And another will follow in San Antonio, TX.  “We are counting on our language as a symbol of open, spoken and democratic identity.  A way to belong in the world today,” assured Mr. Moreno before arriving at the Palacio Real de Aranjuez in order to accompany the King and Queen and the President, Pedro Sánchez, to the meeting of the heritage entity that took place yesterday.

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