The RAE (Real Academia Española) is open to the public with a cultural activities program

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) presents a program of conferences and other events to promote the dissemination of literature, theater, music, and science in Spanish.

On Tuesday, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) presented a plan of cultural activities with which the institution intends to open its doors to the public. Director of the RAE Santiago Muñoz Machado, Deputy Director José Manuel Sánchez Ron, and academic Arturo Pérez-Reverte have announced this plan, which will include the participation of writers, playwrights, poets, journalists, musicians and other top-level professionals from the cultural world.

The main goal of this program of activities is to increase its social function as a promoter of literature and culture in Spanish, thus complying with the first article of its current statutes, which states that the Academy “will disseminate literary writings, especially classics, [ ...] and will try to keep alive the memory of those who, in Spain or in America, have cultivated our language with glory.”

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