Final Interview: Luis Solano, Spanish editor

“A book no longer competes with another book, but rather with Instagram, or with going out for drinks.”

Born in Santiago de Compostela in 1972, his publishing adventure Libros del Asteroide will soon turn 15, although he is not one for anniversaries—instead dignifying the literary sector by discovering, one by one, titles that carry some weight.

2005 seemed like a good year to begin a publishing company, before the [economic] crisis was guessed at. What was it like at the beginning?

At the beginning it was great, and later we didn’t suffer much from the recession, looking back on it. What I mean is: to get a project going is always difficult, and you never think things will roll forward smoothly. And so, five years later in the middle of the crisis, the feeling we had was that it was hard to set up the project and develop it, and that the growth that should have already appeared was held back.

Read the whole interview in its original language here: EL MUNDO

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