Literary works that have left a mark on generations

The literary world is full of complex and interesting stories, some with messages that allude to reality and can place the reader in a context that allows them to be critical of their environment,

or quite the contrary, can immerse them in a fantasy world where the imagination is the only true limit. All of this together with the constant arrival of new literary material makes it difficult for the readers to remember the true roots of these current genres, which is something that we should try to regain.

Without a doubt, literature has space for all kinds of tastes and formats, and in this case, the most convenient formats are digital, and are those most preferred by readers. The digital format makes it possible for literature and the most representative works to be found within a person’s reach, as allowed by Since a good review is enough to encourage someone to read a book, by taking advantage of this resource it’s possible for enthusiasts and beginners to participate in the creation of complex and interesting book reviews.

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