"La Lectora Futura" launches a campaign to promote reading under the name “If you read, say so.”

With the support of the Community, the City Council, and the Guild of Booksellers of Madrid, and with the sponsorship of Cálamo & Cran, The Future Reader (La lectora futura)

the social network of the world of books – launches an ambitious campaign to promote reading under the name “If you read, say so” and the hashtag #Yosíqueleo.
In The Future Reader, you can find all the global news about the Spanish book world, a space for professionals, and, of course, one for readers. Since one of the main objectives of The Future Reader is to promote reading, we have pushed the campaign “If you read, say so.” throughout the Community of Madrid and over social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Progress can only be made with an optimistic message. We want to show that there is an active, dynamic, and attractive reading community, capable of winning over new readers. That is why we have launched the hashtag #yosíqueleo, so that readers share the book they have in their hands.

We have the support of the two major reader-generating sources: the CAM library networks and the City Council of Madrid, and the network of bookstores from the Guild of Booksellers of Madrid, in addition to the sponsorship of the Cálamo & Cran Center for Editorial Studies.

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