The life and works of poet Miguel Hernández, whose legacy belongs to Jaén, make their way to the Philippines.

The exhibition “Miguel Hernández, a plena luz“ (Miguel Hernández, in Broad Daylight) has made its way to the Asian continent, to Manila in the Philippines to be precise,..

continuing on its tour that has already covered Spain, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. After its stay in Dublin, the branch of the Cervantes Institute in the Philippine capital will host this exhibition until September 16. It has been promoted by the Council of Jaén, and it displays reflects the life and works of the poet from Orihuela, whose legacy is in safekeeping in and is disseminated from the province of Jaén. “The exhibition started on an international route that arrives now in Manila, highlighting the validity of the values that Miguel Hernández emanates: an example of loyalty and cohesion,” states Deputy of Culture and Sports Angel Vera.

The exhibition follows a timeline of the poet’s life, detailing his childhood, education, and literary influences, as well as his political commitment to his work during the Civil War, his relationship with religion and his personal life, culminating in his stays in prison until his death. From there, it covers the literary and social heritage he left behind.

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