Interview with Cristina Higueras: “A novel has to be true to the essence of life”

El error de Clara Ulman” (Clara Ulman’s mistake) is the third novel from Cristina Higueras – actress, theater producer, and writer from Madrid.

This time around, her new work is a cross between thriller and science fiction, in which she deals with the controversial topic of 3D printing human organs. The theme of human cloning is not far away, either.

Over the days she spent at Semana Negra in Gijón, Cristina Higueras launched her new novel and took part in a round table on Federico García Lorca, an author she knows very well, since she has acted in some of the most well-known pieces by the writer from Granada. Between presentations and round tables, I got the opportunity to interview this writer who was the finalist of the Celsius Prize for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel awarded by the contest.

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