Journalist and writer María Estévez, tackles the subject of greed in times of war in her first novel

The journalist makes her fiction debut with ‘Tu maldita voz en mi memoria’ (Your Damned Voice in my Memory). María Estévez reveals that the story for her first novel ‘Tu maldita voz en mi memoria’ (Roca Libros), which was in the works for six years, came along “a bit by accident”.

It was a painting by Picasso, ‘Retrato de la marquesa de culo cristiano echándole un duro a los soldados moros defensores de la Virgen’ (in English, Portrait of the Marchese with Christian buttocks giving money to the Moorish soldiers defending the Virgin), which piqued her interest in the events in Málaga during the Spanish civil war and made her use this city as the first setting for her (global) story, about two sisters that inherit a diamond in the ‘30s. “I started to research it purely for fun and I came across the ‘ojo del ídolo’ (Eye of the Idol), a diamond that was lost and sold during the Second World War; I learned how industrial diamonds were used to make weapons and how people trafficked them, hiding them in the most surprising parts of their bodies”, recounts ABC’s cinematographic contributor.

María Estévez has been a contributor to ‘America Reads Spanish’ for over ten years: she is a correspondent writer who carries out interviews with celebrities, which are published in the ‘Amigos del Español’ section of the ARS website.

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