José Ángel Mañas wins the 51st Ateneo de Sevilla Prize with ‘La última juerga’ (The Last Hurrah)

‘La última juerga’ is the novel that bagged the madrileño author José Ángel Mañas the 51st edition of the Ateneo de Sevilla Prize. . ‘La última juerga’ is about two friends who meet up after many years apart.

The remembrance of shared experiences and feelings leads them to try to relive the old days of 25 years before. It features the same characters as ‘Historias del Kronen’ (Stories from the Kronen). José Ángel Mañas was born in Madrid on October 22nd, 1971. He holds a degree in Contemporary History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid Autonomous University). He has lived for many years moving between Toulouse and Madrid, but currently stays in Madrid.

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