"El silencio de la ciudad blanca" by Spanish author Eva García Sáenz de Urturi

To continue celebrating the Spanish language during this Book Month at Dos Mundos, this week we want to highlight a recent book by Spanish author Eva Garcia Saenz de Urturi, “The Silence of the White City.”

The novel is set in the Spanish city of Vitoria in 2016, where 20 years ago tragic ritual crimes caused panic between the city and the province until a famous archaeologist was accused and sentenced to prison. But when it is about to leave, the crimes are resumed with the same MO. Unai Lopez de Ayala, a young expert in criminal profiling, is in charge of hunting down the murderer while facing a personal tragedy he had in the past.

This book is the first of the White City trilogy. The other books are “Water Rites” and “Time Lords.” The English translations will come out in 2020.
Dos Mundos will be giving away a copy of the book in Spanish on its Facebook page.

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