On October 8 , Alfaguara will publish "Tiempos Recios" (Fierce times), a new novel by Mario Vargas LLosa

A story of political intrigue and conflicting interests during the Cold War. A lie passed off as the truth which changed the development of Latin America.

  •  Real people intermingled with fictional characters, key events in history, and dark schemes collide in this novel, in which the author returns to the territory of the acclaimed La Fiesta del Chivo (The Feast of the Goat).
  •  A tale about the events of the 50s and 60s in Central America, which radiated to an entire continent and whose consequences can still be felt today.
  •  Fierce Times will be published simultaneously in all Spanish-speaking territorie

Tiempos recios
 (Fierce Times)
Guatemala, 1954. The military coup perpetrated by Carlos Castillo Armas and supported by the United States via the CIA topples the government of Jacobo Árbenz. Behind this violent act is a lie passed off as the truth, which changed the development of Latin America: the accusation by Eisenhower’s government that Árbenz encouraged the spread of Soviet communism in the Americas. Fierce Times is a story of international conspiracies and conflicting interests in the time of the Cold War, the echoes of which are still felt today. A story involving several countries, in which some persecutors end up as victims of the very plot they helped construct.

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