The cookbook becomes an orphan

Simone Ortega, the author who popularised culinary writing in Spain, has passed away at 89 years of age. She sold three and a half million copies of her book, 1080 Kitchen Recipes.

Simone Klein Ansaldy spoke simply and expressed herself kindly, without hiding her refined, bourgeois air. With a fragile silhouette and elegant appearance, anyone who didn’t know her well could not have known at first glance that part of her life took place amongst cooking pots and casseroles. An educated, stylish, and refined woman, she boasted about being very attractive and having a passion for chocolate. She was a vocational cook who had never transformed the thing she was enthusiastic about into her profession.

It was her second husband, José Ortega Spottorno, son of the philosopher and essayist José Ortega y Gasset and co-founder of the PRISA Group and EL PAÍS newspaper (then was part of Alianza Editorial), who urged her to publish her famous book 1080 Kitchen Recipes. The book came to light in 1972 and quickly gained unprecedented success. Today, with over three and half million copies sold, it holds a privileged position in the Spanish publishing market, behind Don Quijote and the Bible. 

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