Paul Pen: Spanish fiction that sells in the US. The author bets again on characters trapped in ‘A Perfect Marriage’.

From sunny La Nucía [Alicante], Paul Pen gets into the darkest parts of our interior. And it works, because he has already managed to sell more of his novels in the United States than in Spain.

Un matrimonio perfecto [A Perfect Marriage], his fourth book, has him on the promotion circuit. Sitting in an armchair, surrounded by tomes in local bookstore 80 Mundos, Pen admits to being satisfied with how things are going in the literary market. “The United States was a market that interested me a lot, because my references are [American],” he says smiling. The moment he got his work translated into the very difficult American market, he knew he had achieved a great goal. “At the time it was translated, my life changed, because it was sold more there than in Spain.” A successful achievement, though he stressed that his career was not backed by millions in sales.

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