TodoLiteratura interviews Sara Cano Writer of Children & Young Adult Books

“It’s a mistake to consider children’s literature a lesser genre.” “It’s a mistake to consider children’s literature a lesser genre.” That a 13-year-old girl becomes president of a nation seems totally implausible, but that is what happens to Marta Chacras .....

Chacras in her beloved country of Betulia. “I liken it to any small nation in central Europe or perhaps Iceland,” says author Sara Cano, in a fun interview in the cafe of one of the many museums that populate the Castellana promenade in Madrid.

Sara Cano has been working in several publishing houses in the field of youth and children’s literature for more than ten years. Translator, proofreader, and finally, writer, she has worn all the hats of the industry. Presidenta por sorpresa [President by Surprise] is her new novel, where she fully displays her sense of humor. “I start from humor, which has a trace of plausibility, to then go towards nonsense: how is it that a girl governs the country for three months,” explains the author.

By Javier Velasco Oleaga

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