Penguin Random House has launched a rewards program for frequent readers.

American readers who buy twelve titles from the publisher will receive a free book as a gift. Penguin Random House has launched a rewards program for frequent readers in the United States, ....

a promotional initiative allowing readers to receive a free book for every 12 titles they buy from the publisher. Sanyu Dillon, executive vice president and director of strategic marketing and customer relations at Penguin Random House, said in a statement that his study "shows that the current consumer expects to be rewarded for the brands they buy frequently, and that this program means a first step towards building deeper and more meaningful relationships with our readers." Readers must create an account on the Penguin Random House website. Through the account, they must send evidence of their purchases - in any format, from any store in the United States - to earn points. Not all Penguin Random House books qualify to participate in the program, although most will. The following books are excluded from the publisher’s catalog: children's cardboard books, children's paperback books, and those on the mass market at low price. The books that Penguin Random House will reward to its most loyal customers are books in its catalog with a maximum retail value of $30, which will be offered without additional taxes or shipping costs.

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