Spanish children’s authors are a big hit on the world stage

They’re even managing to do the hardest thing of all: to get published directly by foreign publishers, mostly in the U.K.

Marta Altés, Anuska Allepuz, Anna Gordillo, Beatriz Lostalé, Gemma Merino, Júlia Sardà, Luciano Lozano, Lalalimola, Julia Bereciartu… Over the last few years the international market for children’s and young adults’ literature has been brimming over with the names of Spanish writers and illustrators, which, in the warm glow of globalization, have found success at the hardest thing of all: getting directly published by foreign publishers, mainly in the U.K.

“For several years now at the Bologna Fair we’ve been seeing Spanish illustrators becoming more and more successful on foreign markets, especially the English-speaking one, which traditionally has been a rather closed-off publishing market for non-native authors.”

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