New Report Forecasts Spanish-Language Audiobook Surge in Spain and Latin America

A new study predicts Spanish-language audiobook sales and production will grow in 2019–and narration dialects may start to favor Latin American markets.

Released today (March 4), a new report by Javier Celaya, the founding CEO of Dosdoce in Spain, indicates “huge growth expectations” for the audiobook sector in Spanish-language markets during the coming year.

Research for the report was conducted in January and brings together response from Spanish and Latin American publishers. The study’s organizers say this data represents 95 percent of the outfits that produce Spanish-language audiobooks.

In 2019, the market should see the number of available audiobook titles in Spanish move past 10,000, representing a 250-percent level of growth since 2018.

Spanish publishers, Celaya says, can also expect audiobook sales to reach €7 million in 2019 (US$9.9 million).
Subscription platforms are seen as the leading model for audiobook sales in the Spanish language in 2019, “while unit sales channels and streaming platforms will compete for second and third places” in sales, Celaya says. A fourth market for sales will continue, he says, to be found in libraries.

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