Literary Suggestions from the Cervantes Institute NY

Instituto Cervantes is a not for profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. Its mission is to promote the Spanish language and to contribute to the advancement of the cultures of all Spanish speaking countries and communities.

It collaborates with museums, galleries, theatres, publishing houses and other cultural institutions.

Their Library “Jorge Luis Borges” in New York City collaborates this month with America Reads Spanish recommending the following selection of books for American readers:

  • Ordesa - Manuel Vilas. (Alfaguara, ISBN: 9788420431697)
  • El bestiario de Aixlin - Laura Gallegos. (Montena, ISBN:  9788490439319)
  • El asesino tímido -  Clara Udón. (Seix Barral, ISBN:  9788432233395)
  • Huellas negras. Tras el rastro de la esclavitud -  Diego Cobos. (La línea del horizonte, ISBN: 978-8415958772)
  • Fractura -  Andrés Neuma. (Alfaguara, ISBN: 978-8420432427)
  • La llamada de la tribu - Mario Vargas Llosa. (Alfaguara, 2018. ISBN: 978-8420431994)
  • Todos tus nombres - Fernando García Piñeda. (Suma, ISBN:  9788491292234)
  • Mundial 2018 (Magos del humor Mortadelo y Filemón 188) - Francisco Ibáñez. (Ediciones B,ISBN: 978-846666296)

Instituto Cervantes is constantly updating its collections with new books. It is possible to check their new acquisition for the New York Library through its online catalog. It is also possible to register to its Online Library  to get access to E-books, Audiobooks, E-Resources and their reading club.

For more information, just visit their website:

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