Miguel Barrero, new president of the FGEE - Federación de Gremios de Editores de España

The Director of Research, Development and Innovation at Grupo Santillana and Education Director of Fundación Santillana was unanimously elected.

Miguel Barrero has been unanimously elected as the new president of the Federation of Spanish Publishing Unions (FGEE), replacing Daniel Fernández, whose term has ended. Barrero is the RDI Director of Grupo Santillana as well as Education Director at Fundación Santillana. The incumbent president begins his term with various goals aimed at keeping the Spanish publishing industry at the head of Spain’s cultural sector and maintaining its place as one of the most important in the world, according to the organization’s press release announcing the appointment. “Our efforts will be aimed at four main areas: first, within the social context, the promotion of books and reading, disseminating the publisher’s role, and the fight against piracy and the protection of intellectual property; second, improving the global scope of the sector to achieve growth in other markets, as well as reinforcing our presence in European institutions; third, to cooperate with all the players in the book value chain to maintain a network of booksellers and a distribution map that guarantees access to literature; and finally, in the institutional arena, to carry out the key structural points of the Books and Reading Promotion Plan approved in 2017 (starting with the purchase of copies for libraries)”, assures Barrero.

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