Francisco Narla: “The world was already global in the thirteenth century”.

An interview with the author of the novel “Laín. El bastardo” (Laín. The Bastard). Francisco Narla is a writer who is, without a doubt, deeply unique.

The professional pilot decided one day to start telling stories and, within a relatively short time, has managed to do it so well that he currently devotes much more time to writing than to piloting. "Now, I fly once a week and only to pay the bills. Being a writer still pays poorly in this country," the writer from Lugo complains. With “Laín. El bastardo”, he won the first prize for Historical Narratives from Edhasa Publishing. "Publishers went through a bad time but have now made a comeback. They have a very interesting project and we must not forget that publishers are the cradle of historical fiction in our country. It is the natural place for a novelist of this genre, hence why I decided to submit to the award with a novel that was not written specifically for it. Plus, I think that it is often best to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond", the Galician author, who is used to being the big fish of the air, analyzes. One day, Francisco Narla decided to study Galician-Portuguese and, thanks to this, he found a series of Galician troubadours from the thirteenth century that presumably traveled the world. One of them, Martín Códax, is one of the protagonists and the narrator of his new book. "I read a lot about History because I enjoy it and I find things that pique my interest," says the writer on a warm autumn morning in Úbeda, Jaén, before presenting his novel at the awards ceremony of the Renaissance city.

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