The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) presents its 'Style Book', designed for "digital writers"

The pan-Hispanic manual includes recommendations to the media on pronunciation and tips for communication in social networks.

Are we going to start writing "guasap", instead of "whatsapp"? Will we opt for an intermediate option, such as wasap? New technologies "are changing the world and writing," Víctor García de la Concha said this morning, honorary director of the Royal Spanish Academy, "which raises many doubts" when it comes to deciding what words to use to communicate. For this reason, the RAE has come out with its style book of the Spanish language this Monday, subtitled with the tagline "according to the pan-Hispanic standard", since it has been agreed upon between the 23 institutions which form the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (Asale). The secretary general of Asale, Venezuelan Francisco Javier Pérez, stressed that "no country is the owner" of Spanish and that this is a book that "poses uses, does not impose or pontificate, but rather recommends and warns of inaccuracies, without dogmatism."

Read more here: El País - Cultura

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