Interview with Álber Vázquez: “The Spaniards where everywhere before anyone else”.

Álber Vázquez is a writer who divides his time between marathons and books. Both things suit him equally. His literary genres may also be split in two – historical novels and suspense.

Now it would seem he is leaning more towards the former. His latest published book is “Muerte en el hielo” (Death on the Ice), the story of San Telmo and the Spaniards who accidentally discovered Antarctica due to a huge storm –they’ve got it in for us-.

The writer from Rentería recounts the tale of the survivors that ran aground in the Antarctic. Credit for its discovery rests with Captain Smith, who himself recognized that the Spaniards had beaten him to those frozen lands. Nonetheless, His Majesty’s authorities did all they could to hide the fact, despite Smith’s own admission. The story Álber Vázquez tells us is a dramatic countdown to the final destination, and he handles it skillfully. In the interview, he reveals several of the novel’s secrets.

Read the whole interview here: TodoLiteratura

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