Rosa Montero releases “Los tiempos de odio” (Times of Hatred), the third installment in the Bruna Husky saga.

Somewhere between suspense and science fiction, “Los tiempos de odio” is the third adventure for Bruna Husky, a replicant detective that could be straight out of Blade Runner, although rather more intimate.

Rosa Montero recognizes that this particular heroine is the one with which she shares the most in common, in the most intimate sense. The publisher is Seix Barral.

Independent, somewhat unsociable, intuitive, and powerful, the replicant detective Bruna Husky has only one weakness - her big heart. When Inspector Lizard disappears without a trace, the detective heads out on a desperate police search against the clock. The investigation takes her to the remote community of Nuevos Antiguos, a sect that shuns technology, and finds her tracking down the origins of a dark conspiracy dating back to the 16th century. Meanwhile, the world situation is becoming ever more fraught, populist unrest is on the rise, and civil war seems unavoidable. Rosa Montero was born in Madrid. She studied journalism and psychology. She is the author of the novels: Crónica del desamor (Absent Love: a Chronicle) (1979), La función Delta (The Delta Function) (1981), Te trataré como a una reina (I’ll Treat you like a Queen) (Seix Barral, 1983), Amado Amo (1988), Temblor (Tremor) (Seix Barral, 1990), Bella y oscura (Beautiful and Dark) (Seix Barral, 1993), La hija del caníbal (The Cannibal’s Daughter) (1997, Primavera Prize), El corazón del Tártaro (The Heart of the Tartar) (2001), La loca de la casa (The Madwoman of the House) (2003, Qué Leer Prize and Grinzane Cavour Prize), Historia del Rey Transparente (The Story of the Transparent King) (2005, Qué Leer Prize), Instrucciones para salvar el mundo (Instructions for Saving the World) (2008), Lágrimas en la lluvia (Tears in Rain) (2011 and 2015), and La ridícula idea de no volver a verte (The Ridiculous Idea of Not Seeing you Again) (2013). The two previous Bruna Husky novels are titled “Lágrimas en la lluvia” and “El peso del corazón” (Weight of the Heart).

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