Press release from the FGEE (The Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds) - International Book Fair, Liber 2018 Barcelona.

Professional conferences at the International Book Fair, Liber 2018. The educational book sector is facing a radical transformation.

New teaching methodologies are moving towards personalization and are putting the student at the center of learning. The publishing sector dedicated to developing educational content is immersed in a process of in-depth transformation to adapt to the changing needs of schools and teachers. This was evident at the round table held today in the context of the professional conferences of the International Book Fair, Liber 2018. Publishers dedicated to the development of educational books have analyzed how they are addressing the incorporation of new technologies into the classroom. One of the most relevant aspects faced by editors of educational content is the diversity of today’s school, "There is no one single school, nor is there a single rhythm of incorporating innovations. Today, new methodologies are putting the student at the center of teaching and we are moving towards the personalization of learning. The single model is outdated," said Maria Teresa Ortiz, manager of educational solutions at SM.

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