McNally Jackson October Events En Español

McNally Jackson en Español is a bookstore section of McNally Jackson where 99% of the books have been originally written in Spanish and 50% of their titles come exclusively from Latin America and Spain.

October 2018 Events

Monday, October 8th, 7pm: Para español, pulse 2, de Sara Cordón (Esp). Con Gabriela Wiener e Ignacio Vleming (PRINCE ST) 

Friday, October 12th, 6pm: 3 poetisas del Cardo: Lina Meruane, Lila Zemborain y Gladys González (PRINCE ST) 

Friday, October 12th, 7:30pm: Education by Windows , by Johnny Lorenz (Translations from Mario Quintana) (PRINCE ST) 

Friday, October 19th, 6:00pm:Friday, October 26th, 6:00pm: Launching of J.A. Marzán's Don't Let Me Die in Disneyland: The 3-D Life of Eddie Loperena, with Lori Carlson-Hijuelos (PRINCE ST)

Friday, October 26th, 7:30pm: Rodrigo Lira: Testimony of Circumstances. With Claire Sullivan, Thomas Rothe, Rodrigo Olavarría, Charlotte Whittle y Cristián Gómez (PRINCE ST)

2,000 Libros - We are proud to participate

Books are portals into anything we can imagine, from a single person’s mind to an entire realm. They’re not cure-alls, however, and they don’t take the place of legal aid or activism. Ideally, a system that separates children from their parents wouldn’t exist at all. Since it does, though, consider supporting these children through the following networks:

 2,000 Libros is a donation campaign and book drive that aims to send books to undocumented children who have been separated from their parents. Working in coordination with DC Books to Prisons, a project under the Washington Peace Center, an organization with 501(c)(3) status, 2,000 Libros plans to send books to the nation's youngest prisoners.

As of the end of June, 2,047 minors who crossed the Mexico/U.S. border remained in facilities scattered across the country, where they wait to be reunited with their parents. Many of them don’t know where their parents are. Some lack basic supplies, like bedding and toiletries.
Books are a small way of showing these children and teens that many other worlds exist. Hope, love, happiness, and wonder are available at the turn of a page.

What We’re Asking For
Of the 50+ centers holding children across the U.S., many need Spanish and bilingual (English/Spanish) books.
If you have Spanish or bilingual books and you’d like to donate them, please drop them off at one of the following bookstores:

McNally Jackson Books (NY) (ask for the box at the info desk) 
East City Books (Washington, DC)
Busboys and Poets (Washington, DC; Shirlington, VA; Hyattsville, MD)
One More Page Books (Arlington, VA)


November 2nd, Spanish Book Lab - Fiesta en la madriguera, de Juan Pablo Villalobos (México) (PRINCE ST)

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