Lazarillo, A New Magazine

Lazarillo is the magazine of the Spanish Association of Friends of Children’s and Young Adult Books, which is published with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Two issues are published per year (June and December) and are distributed among the Association's partners, libraries and specialized bookstores, as well as among experts and others interested in children’s and young adult literature, besides their subscribers.  Copies are also made available at the Children’s and Young Adult Book Fair in Madrid and on Library Day, in which Friends of Books works intensively.  All articles and illustrations are generously written and provided by great illustrators and authors, professors, experts, editors, journalists and others related in one way or another to the world of literature.  Without them it would not be possible to have this publication  whose aim is to keep its audience informed about trends in the world of children’s and young adult literature, such as the latest published books, literary gems that should not be missed, new and acclaimed authors, trends in illustration, blogs and websites on current topics, the latest in libraries, activities in schools, motivation for reading within and beyond our borders, and more.

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