"El Bosque sabe tu nombre" by Alaitz Leceaga, the literary debut that has conquered readers and critics in just a month and a half of life

Alaitz Leceaga's novel is the discovery of a new author with a wonderful story that is triumphing among readers. Since its publication, on May 24, it has managed to position itself and remain among the ten best-selling books on the current scene, making it the most successful debut of a Spanish author in recent years.

A national success for a first-time author whose story has also seduced several international publishers. The rights to "The forest knows your name" have already been acquired to be published in Italy, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. "The forest knows your name" is a suggestive story with innovative elements that renew the literature of great family sagas and intermingle some magical elements with a great protagonist, an unforgettable woman, who is not afraid of danger or social conventions to defend their land and the legacy of his blood.

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