Editorial Planeta will publish the audiobook of "El Maestro del Prado" narrated by its author, Javier Sierra.

Editorial Planeta will publish, as of July 30th, the audio book of El Maestro del Prado, by Javier Sierra, narrated by himself. In Spanish the audio book El ángel perdido is already available, which also has versions in English, German and Polish,

as well as La cena secreta, La Dama Azul and Las puertas templarias. This release will take place a few months before the commemoration of the bicentennial of El Museo del Prado in 2019, protagonist and framework in which the plot of El Maestro del Prado is developed. The book remained 14 weeks as number one on the list of the best-selling and from which seven editions were sold. In the purest style of stories and enigmas this work is an exciting journey through the most unknown and secret stories of one of the most important art galleries in the world.

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