TodoLiteratura iIterviews Ricardo Bellveser, One of Our Great Writers.

Ricardo Bellveser Icardo (born in Valencia in November 1948) is a writer, poet, novelist, essayist and renowned Spanish literary critic who works as a journalist in different Spanish and Latin American journals and magazines. (Wikipedia)

We are in luck because recently the well-known Valencian writer Ricardo Bellveser has received the XXVII National Award for a Living Poetry Culture for his collected works. Starting now we can also enjoy a selection of his most significant poetry in El sueño de la funambulista (The Tightrope Walker’s Dream), an anthology published by Olélibros.

How does it feel after winning the XXVII National Award for a Living Poetry Culture 2018? The awards that one does not try for, but are instead presented by a  jury or are chosen by an anonymous submission, as is my case, have that extra added value which reveals that we have generous and thoughtful friends out there and which is one of the most important gifts in life. They have given me the prize, I think partly because I am getting on in years, as they could have also granted it to many other good poets in Valencia or Spain. With a little patience, these recognitions will come in due time.

Read the whole interview here: Todo Literatura

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