The 2018 Lazarillo Awards

This award, the oldest in young adult and children's literature, was first announced in 1958.

 With the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the Spanish Organization for Children and Young People’s Literature (OEPLI) has been in charge of the award since 1986. It is organized in two categories: Illustrated Album and Literary Creation, with this year’s focus on narrative, poetry or theater texts for readers up to 11 years old. The amount given for each award is 3,000 euros. The deadline to submit works (which must be unpublished and without commitment to publish, and also written in a language of the Spanish state) ends on July 15th for the Literary Creation category, and on September 30th for the Illustrated Album category. The judging and the ceremony for the presentation of diplomas and awards will be held in November and December 2018, respectively.

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