TodoLiteratura interviews Isabel Barceló Chico: "Women play a fundamental role in all cultures and in all periods"

For many years, Isabel Barceló Chico has been committed to dignifying and redeeming the role of women in our world.

After a productive stay at the Real Academia of Spain in Rome with a scholarship, the opportunity arose to write "Women of Rome", a historical treatise on women in the Roman world in general and in the city of Rome in particular. Her work reveals forgotten facets of several women who helped  forge an empire. A philosophy and literature graduate, she has written several novels and stories, earning recognition from prestigious literary awards. Now, she has set fiction aside  to immerse herself in an historical essay, although her essay contains some fiction, to remind us of several women who played a significant role in Rome. In the interview, we discover some of the key points of her book, and if you want to know more about the details, you can visit her blog with the same name as her book.

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