Instagram, A Space Fit for Literature

More and more writers are making the most of this social network, proving that it’s not just ideal for illustrators and photographers.

Author Francisco de Paula, better known as Blue Jeans, could not have anticipated the success that he would have when he began writing his first novel on Fotolog. It was 2009, and he chose one of the most popular platforms of the time, since most social networks did not yet exist or were barely getting started. After seeing the success among his followers, publishers took notice of him and he ended up getting signed by one of them, thus releasing his first manuscript to the market. He wasn’t the only Spanish writer to have triumphed on the Internet thanks to social networks. Last summer, the mysterious travels of Manuel Bartual kept an entire nation on its toes. "It wasn’t a marketing strategy and it wasn’t about getting the attention of any publishers. I simply let my imagination run wild while on vacation and ended up creating, without realizing it, a faithful community of readers." And it turned out very well, since this year he landed an editorial contract.
There are several Spanish writers who have found a new method of work on Instagram.

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