Storytel España’s report

In an extensive report, the Spanish branch of Stockholm-based audiobook subscription service Storytel España argues that original serialized stories are a promising content strategy for the Spanish market.

“The radical change in consumer trends and developments in technology have improved accessibility to this format in conjunction with the revival of traditional narrative forms, transformed by new distribution systems,” according to the report.

Storytel is still new to Spain. It launched its service there in October with its customary offer of unlimited listens to audiobooks for a €12.99 monthly fee (US$15.22), currently with a special discount price offered of €9.99 on its attractive site.

Not unlike the aggressively expansive company’s experience in the United Arab Emirates, however—where few Arabic-language audiobooks are available and much content must be produced—Storytel España is considering generating new content for its Spanish subscribers.

“The Spanish[-language] catalogue boasts more than 1,500 audiobooks,” the report says, “and 35,000 audiobooks in English.”

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