Historian Fernando García de Cortázar Talks About The Most Beautiful Places in Spain in his Book "Viaje al corazón de España"

Cortázar, born in Bilbao, learned from his parents, his love of exploring Spanish lands and understanding the country from a rational and, no less important, emotional point of view.

In "Journey to the Heart of Spain" (Arzalia Ediciones), the Basque author covers the Iberian terrain in search of the greatest beauty provided by nature and the most original of the Spanish spirit. “It is not a travel book; that wouldn’t do it justice.

It is an experienced book, which aims to bring stones to life,” says Ricardo Artola, editor of a project in which he took care of every detail. The work, dedicated to his parents, who "gave him the urge to travel throughout Spain", is both a cultural journey across the terrain and a route through the author’s life. Garcia de Cortazar jumped from his youth in the Basque valleys "eternally refreshed by the rain", to travel alongside his family through Galicia and the Castilian surroundings. The University of Salamanca, “living memory of the Golden Age”, was the starting point for Garcia de Cortazar to make his way as a historian via book presentations, conferences and all kinds of events that showed him Spain through its cultural framework.

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