Spain Increases Book Production by 4.6% in 2017

Digital publishing, representing 31.6% of all copies, increased by 12.7% last year, while printed publishing (accounting for 68.4% of the total), grew by 1.2%.

The Panorámica de la Edición Española de Libros 2017 (annual reports from the Ministry of Culture) is to be presented next September. However, the Ministry of Culture has just announced an advance of this report, carried out by the Observatory of Books and Reading via analysis of data provided by the ISBN Agency. This advance demonstrates that there is a 4.6% increase in publishing production compared to the previous year, rising from 86,000 in 2016 to 89,962 in 2017. This increase is visible in both printed and digital book publishing.

Specifically, printed book production grew by 1.2%, with a total of 61,519 books (60,763 in 2016). Paper books represent 68.4% of the total.

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