The ten must-read books before the world ends asked eight Latin American authors which are their ten essential books. Here is the list.

“Is it possible to choose the best 10 books of history?” asked and to find out it interviewed eight Latin American authors. The answer? Well... the eight intellectuals choose different titles each, and at the end, the answer was 72 different books.

“There weren't obvious answers either,” says “This shows that you can not reduce the power of literature to ten books.”

The interviewed authors, and the top book of their choice were:

  • Jorge Asís: La montaña mágica. Thomas Mann
  • Graciela Gliemmo: La Biblia
  • Carlos Alberto Montaner: Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
  • Sergio Olguín: Rojo y negro, Stendhal (Henri Beyle)
  • Pola Oloixarac: Pálido fuego. Vladimir Nabokov
  • Elena Poniatowska: Pedro Páramo. Juan Rulfo
  • Sergio Ramírez: Tres hermanas, Antón Chéjov
  • Laura Restrepo: La Biblia

To read the complete list for each author and the reasons behind their choices, click here.

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