Literary Suggestions of the month from the Cervantes Institute

The Cervantes Institute is a non-profit cultural organization that universally promotes the teaching, study and use of Spanish, as well as the spread of the Spanish language and Spanish and Hispanic-American culture. It collaborates with museums, galleries, theatres, publishing houses and other cultural institutions.

Their Library “Jorge Luis Borges” in New York City collaborates this month with America Reads Spanish recommending the following selection of books for American readers:

  • Trilogía de la guerra

           Agustín Fernández Mallo (Seix Barral, ISBN: 9788432233609)

  • Antología de poetas españolas. De la generación del 27 al siglo XV

           VV.AA. (Alba Editorial, ISBN: 9788490653869

  • Autorretrato sin mí

           Fernando Aramburu (Tusquets Editores, ISBN: 9788490665114)

  • Lamia 

           Rayco Pulido (Editorial Astiberri, ISBN: 9788416251513)

  • Y ahora, lo importante

           Beatriz Navas Valdés (Caballo de Troya, ISBN:  9788415451907)

  • Cuentos de la selva

           Horacio Quiroga (Nórdica, ISBN: 9788416830817)

  • A Prop

           Natalia colombo (Kalandraka, ISBN:  9788416804412)





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