Muñoz Molina:

The writer talks about 'A Lonely Walk Among the People', his last work published by Seix Barral

Antonio Muñoz Molina (Úbeda, 1952) is this week’s the guest to “What are you reading?” the space of EL PAÍS Opinion directed by Berna González Harbor in which different writers present their latest works as well as books that help them understand today’s world.

Muñoz Molina presents 'A Lonely Walk Among the People' (Seix Barral), which addresses a desire, according to the writer himself, to "tell the immediate, not the memories or something you have invented, but to face the present as it is " "It is a work in the form of a collage where he has sought to tell the texture of the moment in which we live through the headlines of the press, advertising and even garbage," he adds.


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