CEDRO contributed to the digitization of the books of more than 1,400 authors

Madrid, 08/02/2018. A total of 1,429 CEDRO members have already benefited from the free access to Office 365 E1 that our entity offers to its partners authors.

Since November of last year, CEDRO has been providing free, permanent access to Microsoft Office 365 E1 to all writers, translators and journalists who request it. This benefit consists of access to the online Office package (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) from any electronic device. The goal of this initiative is to help authors adapt their work process to the current technological realities. "We are extremely happy with the reception that this service is having among our partners, and we hope that more and more authors will request it," says Jorge Corrales, CEO of CEDRO. In addition, Corrales explains that from the point of view of the organization, “we stress the importance, not only of the protection of copyright, but also of supporting the authors in their everyday lives." And, he adds, "Today’s technology is an essential tool for their work, and we in CEDRO want to be right by their side during their process of digitalization."

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