New Releases from Editorial Milenio, Bulletin #4, February 7th, 2018

Editorial Milenio (Milenio Publicaciones, S.L.) was founded in 1996 by Lluís Pagés Marigot, its director. They have published since then 700 titles in Spanish distributed in twenty collections. Works of history, narrative, music, philosophy and more.

These are the new titles:

David Bowie. Elegía. by Juan José Ordás Fernández

No comas renacuajos by Francisco Montaña 

Tiempo de ratas by Marc Moreno 

Blanca y Elisa by Paula Colobrans Delgado

Cenicienta en llamas by Jordi Juan 

Metal extremo 2 by Salva Rubio Gómez 

Anna Grimm, investigadora criminal by Montse Sanjuan Oriol




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