Decalogue of the Spanish language in the 21st century

Globalization has brought a growing interest in Spanish and the weight of the language shared by close to 600 million people will soon have diplomatic, economic and technological consequences. A State plan for the support and projection of Spanish has just been launched.

These are the keys. The Spanish language is a universal fact. Demography: Until today, the demography of Spanish has been increasing considerably, but it has a ceiling. The example is luminous. Mexico City (and Mexico is the largest nation of Spanish speakers) in 1960 had 46 births per thousand inhabitants; in 2000, there were already 21 and the expectation is that by 2050 they will be 11. That is to say, where we need to focus on the progression of Spanish is to its dimension as a second language.

According to the excellent, well documented, report of the Cervantes Institute Yearbook, nearly 80% of export companies from Spain believe that "the fact that in the target market Spanish is spoken can facilitate their economic activity".

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