"Charlas" (“Talks”), a space of reflection about the future of the publishing industry

For more than 7 years we have worked on Proyecto451 to help the publishing sector to understand what we consider to be the most profound transformation in its history. And this year we want to do something completely new so we can continue fulfilling that goal.

Our proposal is as follows: from March, on the first Tuesday of each month, we will invite two persons that we absolutely consider as authorities in their respective subjects, so they can at least help us to see things from a different perspective. The agenda of topics that will be covered throughout the year will be extremely comprehensive and diverse, but all these meetings will have a common point: an analysis of the present and the future states of the publishing industry. We will be talking about a wide diversity of topics: digital marketing, e-commerce, audiobooks, interactive narratives, digital business models, augmented reality and virtual reality, visibility, digital video, social networks, metadata, the mobile universe, education, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, machine learning – and much, much more, with those who know the most about each of those topics. And some of these conversations will surely suggest some concrete ideas that we can then put to the test in our publishing house.

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