The DEL Dictionary gets a new update. The online version has been updated, with 3,345 changes.

Aporofobia (aporophobia), chakra, vallenato, posverdad (post-truth), postureo (posturing), hummus –these are some of the terms that have just been added to the online version of the twenty-third edition of the Dictionary of the Spanish Language (DEL).

They were mentioned as an example by the director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), Darío Villanueva, and the member of the academy who is in charge of the Dictionary, Paz Battaner, in a press conference recently held to release the news. To be precise: the online dictionary has received 3,345 modifications in respect to the October 2014 edition. The online dictionary is available for consultation for free since 2015 thanks to the support of Obra Social "La Caixa."

In addition to the definitions of the new words that have been incorporated to it, meanings have also been added to the existing ones: a hacker, for example, who was simply and solely regarded as a “cyber pirate” in the previous version, now has a good alter ego as "a person with computer handling expertise that is in charge of the security of computer systems and of developing more advanced technologies.”

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