Center for the Art of Translation Presents "A working Woman" , translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney and written by Spain's writer Elvira Navarro

A stunning new novel from the author ranked among Granta’s “Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists”. Named a “Best Book of the Year” all throughout the Spanish press, including El Cultural, El Confidencial, Numerocero, and Estandarte.

Globally acclaimed as a meticulous explorer of the psyche’s most obscure alleyways, Elvira Navarro here delivers an ambitious tale of feminine friendship, madness, a radically changing city, and the vulnerability that makes us divulge our most shameful secrets.

It begins as Elisa transcribes the chaotic testimony of her roommate Susana, acting as part-therapist, part-confessor as Susana reveals a gripping account of her strange sexual urges, and the one man who can satisfy them. But is Susana telling the truth? And what to make of Elisa’s own strange account of her difficult relationship with Susana, which blends her literary ambitions with her deep need for catharsis? Is this a true account of Elisa’s life, or is it the follow-up to her first novel that she has long been wanting to write? In one final surprise, A Working Woman concludes with a curious epilogue that makes us question everything we have just read.

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