The list of Amazon best-selling books in Spain

The end of the year is a good time to review the most in print books read. According to the list of bestsellers on, the best selling novel of 2017 is Patria, by Fernando Aramburu, work that narrates, through two Basque families, the end of ETA's hostilities.

The novel has earned Aramburu the National Prize for Narrative. In second place is the new work of American author Dan Brown, Origin, who repeats the formula of science, religion, art and architecture that led him to success with The Da Vinci Code. Ken Follett's latest work, the long-awaited third part of The Pillars of the Earth, A Column of Fire, was the third best-selling novel on in 2017. Through almost a thousand pages, Follett takes the reader to the England of the sixteenth century, with the wars of religion as a backdrop, but also, the action takes place in the Spain of Felipe II, specifically in Seville.

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Original source of information El País 


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