The Merits of Juan Casamayor

The editor of Páginas de Espuma (Pages of Foam) talks about his work and his visits to the Guadalajara Book Fair (FIL); yesterday he received a tribute to his work.

In 1999, Juan Casamayor, together with Encarnación Molina, founded Editorial Páginas de Espuma, an independent label that has distinguished itself by publishing short stories. 18 years later, the International Book Fair of Guadalajara (FIL) is recognizing this efforts, and yesterday Juan Casamayor received the award Homenaje al Mérito Editorial 2017( Homage to Editorial Merit 2017), although he emphasizes that the prize is not only for him, but instead "it is for all those who are members of the Páginas de Espuma family." In an interview, the Spanish editor declared that he had been greatly surprised by the news of the award, and for that reason it was difficult for him to describe the sensations that seized him at that moment, "everything runs very fast, what I did realize very quickly was that I could not sleep, I was seized by the insomnia of joy, because that is what is it: happiness.

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